How to Trace a Mobile Phone Location Using Android Device

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Tracing A Mobile Phone’s Location from An Android Device is So Simple!!

Here is it…

Android location, features unlocker

Now a days, we all wanted to know the location of our friends and family or watch location of your children and even wanted to know the location of your lost device is so simple.

With the birth of android and providing location sharing utilities like the GPS. Anyone can share his/her location with your friends and family. You just have to allow some permissions to your android so that your Android smart phone can do so. Here we will also tell you that how can you use these utilities to get benefits. We will also tell you how can you trace an iPhone’s location from an android smart phone. So here we go…

> Using Device Manager:

– If you have enabled Location Services (Settings> Location> Turn it ON) then you will easily find your android device.

Find android location, features unlocker
– If that is enabled than visit Google’s Android Device Manager’s Find My Device page.
– Here you have to be logged into your Google account and also provide service permission to collect location information.
– Now you will see a small green icon on Google Maps that is describing your android device’s location.

Android location, features unlocker

The best thing of Device Manger is, if your device is currently not in your knowledge than you can:-

– Lock your device(this will lock your device if you lost it.)
– Erase your device(If you are not able to find your device than you can erase all your data on your device ensuring security of your personal data).

Android location, features unlocker
– Play a sound(this will play a sound in your device even if it is in silence mode and it can ring for more than five minutes so that if you are nearby you can hear it).

The lock feature will let you display a message to whoever found it (if anyone did) and It also let you provide a phone number by which they can reach you to get your phone back.


There is also a Find My Device page offered by Google In the above Page. This page let you know a list of every device you used to log into your Google account. Here you can select the phone from given list to know location of that device.

In this list you will also able to use some more utilities like:-

– Try calling your phone(You can use your contacts list to find your number if you forgot and also access to your Google Hangouts session so you can call your phone).
– Lock your phone(You can lock your phone so no one can access it).
– Check recent security events(this will let you know any recent password change or reset requests submitted to Google).
– Sign out of Google from your phone(it will secure your google account so that no one can access it).
– Erase your phone(this will erase all your personal data on your phone).

On the right side, you will see a locate link. Clicking on that you will get exactly where to go pick up your phone.

This is the best way you can locate your android device if your device’s location services is turned on.

>> You can also track an iPhone from your android. Here is the procedure:



iCloud account currently working on your lost iPhone.
– Chrome browser installed in your android device and in menu(of chrome browser) desktop site option is must enable.
– Location services enabled in your iPhone(enable it today if you lost, you will find it easily).
– Find My iPhone enabled(enable it today if you lost, you will find it easily).


– Visit the iCloud page in chrome browser.
– Here a sign-in page for iCloud will appear.
– Now, Sign into your iCloud account.
– Here you will see a map locating your iPhone’s current location.

>>> There are also some apps in the market by which you can share your location with your friends and family. You have to install a good app on your device. That app will be able to share your location only if you grant the location sharing permissions.

Comment below guys about your reviews and opinions about the above procedures and let us know how this helped you finding your device’s location whether you have a iPhone or an Android device.

Stay tuned with us guys for more updates and information about benefits of having utilities like location services. Have Fun!!!

How to Trace a Mobile Phone Location Using Android Device
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