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Best Smart scales for tracking weight

    Everyone in this World Wants to Look Handsome or Beautiful & Our Weight or BMI ( Body Mass Index ) is an Awesome Way to Keep a Check on Your Heath because Only a Healthy Person Can Look Good or Attractive. BMI or a Smart Scale is better than Your Regular Scale to keep a Check on Your Weight.

Some of the Best Scales are Listed Below :-

1. Fitbit Area
The Fitbit Area Has a Polished Glass Surface that Keeps a Record of Your Weight, BMI & Body Fat Percentage to Your Fitbit Account. Fitbit Can Keep a Record of Maximum 8 Users & it Keeps them Private. You Can Link the Aria With Any Fitbit Tracker, For Example Fitbit Charge HR or Fitbit Surge & Keep a Check on Your Results With Fitbit Android App or With Fitbit Official Website. The Aria Can Register Weights Upto 350 Pounds & Separates the Users by Individual’s Weights & Body Fat Percentages.

2. Withings Body
The Withings Scale is an Extra Smart Scale that Keeps a Record of Your Full Body With Highly Accurate Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass & Even Water Measurements Using Withing’s “Position Control” Technology.
The Withings Scale is Useful for the Whole Family as it Recognizes Every Members Based on Weight & Sends the Correct Data to the App Automatically.

3. Weight Gurus Smart Scale
This Smart Scale From Weight Gurus Supports a Larger LCD Display With a Bright Blue Backlight. This Not Only Keeps a Record of Your Weight & BMI, This Scale Also Keeps a Check on Your Lean Mass, Body Fat, Bone Mass & Even Water Weight.
It Has 4 High Precision Sensors Which Gives Highly Accurate Reading Whenever You Check Your Weight & BMI. This Scale Keeps Your Record With the Help of Your Android Phone Using Bluetooth to Weight Gurus App, Fitbit, Google Fit & Many More. The Weight Gurus Has 400 Pounds Holding Capacity & 4 AAA Battery.

4. Garmin Index Smart Scale
This Smart Scale is Easy to Setup Via Wifi & it keeps a Record of Your Body Weight, BMI, Water Percentage & Skeletal Muscle Mass Using in depth Metrics for Highly Accurate Measurements. It Recogineses its Users Through Garmin Connect App & Maximum​ 16 Users Can Keep their Record With Garmin Smart Scale. Whenever You Check Your Weight & BMI on it, It Automatically Uploads Data Directly to Your Account & You Don’t Have to do Anything. And its White on Black Numbers Screen Make it Easy to Get Your Accurate Reading Even in the Dark.
The Garmin Smart Scale is Available in White & Black Options & Gives Best Results With Garmin’s Vivofit Activity Trackers & Vivoactive Smart Watch to Get Your Fitness Goal.

5. Archos Connected Scale
The Archos Smart Scale is Great to Keep a Check on Your Body Fat, BMI & General Weight. It Can Keep a Record of Maximum 4 Users. You Can Use Archos Connected Self Android App Track Your Progress Using Graphs. It Connects With Your Phone Using Bluetooth but Having Your Phone With You Whenever You Check Your Weight is Not Required Always as it Can Store Data of 1 Months in its Own Memory. This Smart Scale is Best for You If You Use Archos Activity Tracker or Blood Pressure Monitor.

6. WiTscale S220
This Smart Scale is Affordable for Average Person too Which Uses 4 Higly Sensitive Sensors to Measure Your BMI & Weight. It Has a 3.5 inch LCD Display & a Capacity of Maximum 330 Pounds. This Scale Keeps a Record of Your Data in a Single Graph Which Can Also be Shared on Social Media. Even though Much More is Expected from the Bluetooth Scale Android App but its Low Price is Hard to Argue on it.

7. Polar Balance
The Polar Flow Android App With Easy Way to Track Keep the Record is the Best Feature of this Scale. It Has Advances Activity Control & a Holding Capacity of 400 Pounds. The “Weight Speedometer” Helps to Get Your Fitness Goals by Telling you Exactly How Much You Need to Workout Each Day & How Many Calories You Need to Burn. You Can Also Use Polar’s Wearables Like A300 Loop & A360 for Complete Tracking of Your Activities.

8. Under Armour UA Scale
HTC is in Partnership With Under Armour for this UA Scale. It Can Keep a Record of Maximum 8 Users & Its Accessories Include Wrist band & Heart Rate Monitor. It Keeps a Record of Your Body Weight, Fat Percentage & Much More through Under Armour Record Android App. Its Healthbox Includes an Activity Tracker, A Smart Scale & as I Have Already Said a Heart Rate Sensor too.

9. Yunmai Smart Scale
If You Don’t Want to Spend Much Money & Still Wants a Much Reliable Smart Scale Which is Also Easy to Setup, Then This Scale is For You. It Keeps a Record of Your 10 Activities Like BMI, Body Fat, Hydration & Much More. It Can Keep a Record of Maximum 16 Users & Its Setup Needs only 5 Seconds. The App is Bit Complex as it is Translated from Chinese but in Such Low Price of 35$ You Have to Co-ordinate With Such Little Things.

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