Now in iOS 11, Send & Receive Apple Pay Cash via Messages

Apple pay,
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Send & Receive Apple Pay Cash via Messages!!

Apple pay,

Popular apps like Venmo and Square Cash, by using them an iphone user can easily send and receive money at any time. Even Snapchat and Facebook Messenger let user send money. Now Apple wants the easy (transferring) money game.

The person-to-person payments will going to feature in iOS 11 by just using the messenger app. But it is not launched yet. Once Apple officially launch the new Apple Pay Cash program, then you will be able to do that.


Here i am gonna show you how you will use it:

– First of all you need to set up Apple Pay (those who already have credit or debit card in place then you can skip this step). If not follow the instructions.


Go to Settings -> Wallet & Apple Pay -> Add Credit or Debit Card.

– iPhone will give you the option to use your camera in order to enter card information (you do not need to enter your 16-digit card number or your name and expiration date).

iPhone will now ask for your three-digit security code which is given on the back of your card.

– Now contact your bank after setting up your card in Apple Pay (iPhone will tell you if this is a necessary).

– if you are using passes on the lock screen, it is important to add payment card to use the doubleclick home button shortcut.

– Once your card is set up, Apple Pay will show up as an option in the new iMessages app drawer at bottom of screen.

– Click that button then confirm dollar amount with onscreen controls.

– Here iPhone will give you option to either request or send the amount of money.

– If someone requests money from you, you can click dollar amount then iPhone will provide on-screen controls for you in order to approve or deny it.

– The received money will automatically stores as digital Apple Pay Cash card.

– The Apple Pay Cash card will allow iPhone user to send money to friends, spend money in-person or online and even transfer money to your bank.

The Apple Pay Cash card will make faster transactions, which can be used in digital life as well as real life shopping.

Stay tuned with us guys for more update about IOS 11 features, news and various other information. Be the first to know everything technical than others by keeping reading us, liking us, and sharing us. Have Fun!!!
Now in iOS 11, Send & Receive Apple Pay Cash via Messages
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