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Samsung Galaxy S8 Vs Samsung Galaxy S6 its Time To upgrade

Samsung Galaxy S8
Written by Yash

Holding over from the days off tw0 year’s phone contracts.most people choose to upgrade your phone on the same path today even the financial plans have made it even simpler,to move on to the latest devices.every 12 months the Galaxy S6 just have it 2nd birthday and while its hardware actually still feels quite modern there are many parts of it that likely haven’t is well and we’ll have long time owners looking for an upgrade the question comes did you make the jump from a Galaxy S6 to a new Galaxy S8,and keep it in the Samsung family we have put some the phones side by side and have the information you to keep in:mind.



when considering the move for all the Gamers about some of the internal specifications choices on the Galaxy S6 you can’t forget that its hardware design has held up nicely over  2 years.. that metal and glass exterior was a complete change of direction for sensing in 2015,and you can clearly see its influence in the Galaxy of course some of the things have changed and for the better Galaxy S8 has small bessels 2 fit in one more display in a compact frame… the body has been rounded off to be easier to use and the camera bump on the back has been eliminated Samsung also move to waterproofing introduce the SD card slot right after the Galaxy S6 which were the key differences in 2016…the Galaxy S6 and its 5.1 inch QHD AMOLED display HD still looks great today but display Technology has continue to advance and Samsung has done and even better job on the Galaxy S8…what hasn’t changed are the characteristics of it  display they are crisp low on Glass great in bright sunlight and exhibit 5  colours than the competition if you have the Galaxy S6 and not take S6 edge you may be worried about the curved screen on the Galaxy S8  reason to look at this with fresh as a Samsung has a sleek design of 2015.

after 2 years of increasing heavy apps and few software updates the internal specifications of the Galaxy X6 don’t seem quite a state of the art as that it in 2015m.. the Galaxy S8’s new processor will be cs6 chip and the extra be the weight of a helps in with multitasking the camera is the other key difference in the hardware in Galaxy S6 16 megapixels camera with an f/1.9 lens why the Galaxy S8 has 12 megapixel sensor with faster f/1.7 lens if your Galaxy S6 has been updated to Android 7.0 you are actually getting a great feel for the software experience on the Galaxy A7.. Samsung may take a long time to get the pic bottom platform out it is do a pretty good job of being all the new software designs and features back to elder models with an update show the Galaxy S8 has a new tricks up its with the camera interface new icon Senorita and launching but go no but experience is very similar between the updated Galaxy S6 well that means you don’t have to update just to see and new interface moving to a Galaxy S8 used to the family ready of staying you can Samsung phone will bring also into the future in terms of petra live performance hardware features and latest software updates this is a great move take so long you are happy with Samsung and to stay on the  path
If you are willing to get it You can…but the Question comes is worth??

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