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How to Recover Data from Damaged Android Phone (ADB Data Recover Tool)

How to Recover Data from Damaged Android Phone, Recover Data from Android Using ADB Data Recovery Tool, Recover Data from Damage Smartphone
Written by Yash

Easy Steps to Recover Data from Damaged Android Phone Using ADB Data Recovery Tool!!

When we look on past, Android smartphones are coming with gorilla glass protection on the display. Smartphone brands always says that phones are protected with gorilla glass protection. We know the truth. Every smartphone breaks. But here in this article the point is how easily you can recover your data from damaged android phone by using ADB Data Recovery Tool. Everyone loves his phone and his phone contains his important data. So if accidentally phone breaks how can we recover our data. Here is the solution. So let’s begin…

Pre-requirements before recovering data:-

– Charge your phone to at least 75%.

– ‎You must have installed ADB and Fastboot tool installed on your Pc.

– ‎You must have enabled USB debugging in your smartphone.

– ‎You must have installed TWRP custom recovery in your smartphone.


You will need ADB Data Recovery Tool to recover data from your damaged smartphone. Click HERE to download ADB Data Recovery Tool.

How to Recover Data from Damaged Android Phone Using ADB Data Recovery Tool

– First of all make sure you have done all steps of pre-requirments. Each step is important mentioned above.

– ‎Now, download ADB Data Recovery Tool from above and install it in your Pc.

– ‎Here, Switch off your smartphone and reboot your smartphone into Fastboot Mode by holding down Power + Volume Down button for few seconds.

– ‎Once you have boot your device into fastboot mode, Open the folder where you have installed ADB and Fastboot Tool.

– ‎Here, open the command prompt window by holding down Shift key + right click than you will see a number of options.

– ‎Click on Open Command Window Here option.

– ‎Now, connect your device to Pc via. USB cable. To know whether your device is properly connected to pc type below command:-

fastboot devices

Note:- If an alphanumeric code is appearing after this command that means your device is properly connected to Pc.

– Now, Enter your device into recovery mode by pressing Power + Volume Up simultaneously.

– ‎Now open the ADB Data Recovery Tool that you have downloaded above.

– ‎Here, you will see four options for the Data Recovery on your device.

Four options have been listed below:-

1.(OUT)..... OUTPUT LOCATION (default=C:\RecoveredData)

2.(ADB)..... SET ADB LOCATION (def=C:\Android\platform-tools)

3.(DEV)..... SET DEVICE TO USE(USB DEvice or Emulator)

4.(RUN)..... RUN

– Here, if you wanna change the default Output Location then you have to just enter 1 and proceed in order to change default folder for the output.

– ‎Now, make the ADB location through just copying the path of ADB installation folder on your smartphone than paste it into application. To be done this just type 2 and press enter than just paste the link to the folder.

– ‎Now just type 4 than click enter. (Note:- It will run the application for Data Recovery via ADB).

– ‎Here you will see a screen as given below.

– ‎Now you will get the ability to pull data from the SD card through entering 1.

– ‎Here, you can select between other options like pulling data from Media folder, Music folder, DCIM folder and also other folders which are present on the smartphone.

– ‎So just enter 1 to pull data. It will take a few minutes in order to complete the entire process.

– ‎Now you can look at the output location in order to check all your pulled data from your phone.

– ‎That’s it. All your data will be pulled out on your pc and you can use it anytime.

Comment below guys if you face any problems while recovering data from your damaged phone using ADB Data Recovery Tool and let us know if you have any questions. Stay tuned with us to get more regular updates. Have Fun!!!


How to Recover Data from Damaged Android Phone (ADB Data Recover Tool)
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