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Read Facebook Massage Without Messenger App

Written by Yash

Read Facebook messages without messenger app


Before many weeks we  have installed that most people hate the new Messenger app as that was forced to get that because of messages will not send anyone .Read facebook massage without Messenger App. Really is hard to switch every time to talk to any person from Facebook app on mobile.

Only One thing you need to Keep in mind that it works only for those who do not have installed (Read Facebook massage without messenger app)messengers on their phones. Further, it can be disabled at any time, follow the process shown below to read Facebook messages without installing messenger app.
How to Facebook messages without installing messenger app
—>As you get a new message on your Facebook, the app will notify you to download the app to see them.(Read Facebook massage without messenger app)
—>You can get rid of it, until you click on Install button is there, so that. The app will automatically head over you to your phone’s app store in to  get the app. Tap the Free button (or, if you’ve deleted the app, the cloud) to begin getting the Messenger app.
—>Just before the completion of the download process, forcefully or any how just cancel it, basically you don’t need to install it completely.
—>From the main Facebook app try to opening any message I hope you will be able to see your all  messages.(Read facebook massage without Messenger App)
For sure this method is not going to work for a long time, but for at least now, we can use it.
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