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Will there be no Night on 12 August 2017? Here’s the truth

Meteor shower, 12 August
Written by Yash

No Night On 12 August? 

A few media outlets have said that 12th august not have night in any respect, a hoax which has gone viral on whatsapp. Alternatively it’s an exaggeration of an occasion with a purpose to witness a huge meteor shower which goes to be quick bright. A few astronomers have even claimed that it’ll be the brightest meteor shower in human history on August 12, that is unsubstantiated.

Meteor shower, 12 August

In step with NASA’s “2017 meteor shower hobby forecast for earth orbit”, this 12 months’s perseid meteor shower will probable not even be the brightest perseid shower of the beyond years. The meteor bathe in query, the perseids, will indeed peak on 12 august 2017. Perseids shower are already diverging from a radiant point in n perseus as they can be seen from the stop of july through the give up of August attaining its peak on 12 August.


Meteor shower, 12 August

Perseid activity this 12 months is predicted to be higher than normal however much less than in 2016. It could reach nearly 80% of last year’s perseid charge.

In step with nasa, the quality perseid shower changed into observed in 1993, whilst the perseid costs (range of meteors a unmarried viewer might see in an hour of top pastime) crowned 300 in line with hour.

12 august no night, meteor shower

The meteors seen at some stage in this shower are remnants of comet 109p/rapid-tuttle for the duration of its many journeys by our a part of the solar system. The capturing stars may be streaming thru the skies at a greater normal, hourly tempo of eighty-one hundred. Meteor showers occur when the particles collide with the earth’s atmosphere at high speeds. They burn and create a flash that we name meteors, or capturing stars.

And considering nasa says about night in us, we being in india, in day time may additionally hardly notice.

Shere this Maximum for knowledge. Stay tuned with us for more technology and science news. 

Will there be no Night on 12 August 2017? Here’s the truth
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