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Let’s campare best smartphone cameras:HTC U Ultra vs Galaxy S7 edge, iPhone 7 Plus, LG G6

Let’s campare best smartphone cameras:HTC U Ultra vs Galaxy S7 edge, iPhone 7 Plus, LG G6

So now, for the purposes of the camera comparison of these smart phones, we took the HTC U Ultra, the Galaxy S7 edge, the iPhone 7 Plus and also the LG G6 out for this amazing camera shootout. We are also about to comment on photos that they are produced in just as the moment, while before going for this we have titake a look at the cameras’ specifications of these smart phones.
Camera Specifications:

HTC U Ultra:

-Resolution, aspect ratio: 12MP@4:3 4096x3072px
-Sensor and pixel size: 1/2.3″1.55μm
-Aperture: F1.8
-Focus and stabilization: PDAFLaser AFOIS

LG g6:

-Resolution, aspect ratio: 13MP@4:3 4160x3120px
-Sensor and pixel size: 1/3″ 1.12μm
-Aperture: F1.8
-Focus and stabilization: PDAF Object track OIS.

Galaxy S7 edge

-Resolution, aspect ratio: 12MP@4:3 4032x3024px
-Sensor and pixel size: 1/2.5″ 1.4μm
-Aperture: F1.7
-Focus and stabilization: Dual-pixel AF Object track OIS

Iphone 7 plus:

-Resolution, aspect ratio: 12MP@4:3 4032x3024px
-Sensor and pixel size: 1/3″ 1.22μm
-Aperture: F1.8
-Focus and stabilization: PDAF OIS

Scene 1: The rusty ride

That is the scene i wanted to choose because it visualizes the common conflict. The realistic images are not always that ones which looks best as compared to the average viewer. We imaged out of the HTC U Ultra which looks as bland compared to that the other three cameras can deliver, even though it is the more accurately representation to that what my eyes can see then and also there. By looking at the images of the Galaxy S7 edge and LG G6, I can see that beautiful contrast and saturation and also sharphess have all been given for the boost, and now i may be okay with that if I can simply sharing that photos on the social media even for the likes. The iPhone has been taken a step further by adding up the warmth to the image which has something that iphone camera can do.

Scene 1: score:
-Galaxy S7 edge: 7.5
-LG G6: 7.5
-HTC U Ultra: 7.0
-iPhone Plus: 6.

Scene 2: The darling daffodils:

It is even easier in this next scene, and that should be iPhone 7 Plus. Becaus of the reasons: first of all, colors have spot-on, also with the natural warmth of the sun captured well and also, I like how the phone manage even to capture uo the flower in the focus, while the parts of it looks blurry in other shots because of the shallower depth of field. The HTC U Ultra can also delivered great results, when it comes to the color reproduction. Whenever the photos comes out of the Galaxy S7 edge and LG G6 looks good.

Scene 2: score:

-iPhone 7 Plus: 8.5
-HTC U Ultra: 8.0
-Galaxy S7 edge: 7.0
-LG G6: 7

Scene 3: The monolithic mansion:

While Zooming on the photos we found that out of the U Ultra and S7 edge, both of them lead in that, which reveals more details, which can be seen more clearly into the draperies and the ornaments on the building’s facade. But for as a whole, all four images looks like more than others.

Scene 3: score:

-Galaxy S7 edge: 7.5
-HTC U Ultra: 7.0
-iPhone 7 Plus: 6.0
-LG G6: 6.0

Scene 4: Portrait at the park:
The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge did not disappointed. In the contrast, HTC U Ultra delivered a photo with soft details and also with a cold tone, therefore i am definitely thinking of sharing this on Facebook. I can say that I’m happy with iPhone’s photo either. It looks to be darker than it can be and colors are quite unappealingly.
Scene 4: score:

-LG G6: 8.0
-Galaxy S7 edge 7.5
-HTC U Ultra: 5.0
-iPhone 7 Plus: 4.0
Scene 5: Soaking in sunshine:

Screen 5:soacking of sunshine

The iPhone done the opposite, it cranked up the exposure to brighten my model’s face. While this has left some areas of the image by overexposed, I can say that the overall look of the image is being not well.

Scene 5: score:

-iPhone 7 Plus: 7.5
-Galaxy S7 edge: 7.0
-HTC U Ultra: 7.0
-LG G6: 7.0

Scene 6: The smiling sculptur:

As we can see while you click on gallery, all of the other amart phones did a much better job in that particular scene.Galaxy S7 edge, specifically, stands out with its bright and also because of the vivid image.

Scene 6: score:

-Galaxy S7 edge: 8.0
-iPhone 7 Plus: 7.0
-LG G6: 7.0
-HTC U Ultra: 5.0

Scene 7: The opera is open:

Here you can see the another shot while testing how the four cameras perform in the low-light and alsi highly with dynamic situations. Here is not a huge comment on here, as all phones done a pretty job in front of the challenging conditions. So i can say that the HTC U Ultra impresses us with details once again.
Scene 7 score:

-HTC U Ultra: 7.5
-LG G6: 7.5
-Galaxy S7 edge: 7.0
-iPhone 7 Plus: 7.


All of the four smartphones are good with their certain camera attributes. As we can see the galaxy s7 edge is at the top, the lg g6 at the second position, the Htc u ultra is at the third position and the last iphone 7 plus.

Final score:

-Galaxy S7 edge: 7.3
-LG G6: 7.2
-HTC U Ultra: 6.8
-iPhone 7 Plus: 6.7.

Let’s campare best smartphone cameras:HTC U Ultra vs Galaxy S7 edge, iPhone 7 Plus, LG G6
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