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Let ‘s learn how many types of home screen there are and how to theme them

Home screen,
Written by Yash

­Let ‘s learn how many types of home screen there are and how to thene them!

If you dont want to actively theme up your smartphone, you do some actively lay out on your home screen.

These Layouts are the only way you arrange those apps and widgets also on your home screen. We do not talk about all of them nearly as much when you are theming as we should. In fact, I even try to avoid some specific layouts in my themes so that are more accessible to some users of varying tastes of it. But the layouts are too important, whenever you try to theme your phone or if not.

The Heavy home screen looks:

Home screen

Home screen

As you can see without any doubt that the most prevalent specific layouts in the smart phone area, as in this part because these layouts may looks a lot like how the windows phone and iOS home screens look like, there is a huge vast sea of the app icons and widgets also.

Therefore for some specific users who have been recently migrated to from one of these platforms, and some users who use it on their first smartphone, these busy layout is a good taste of the familiar also, which looks like the desktop they had been saved everything to do at home screen.

These heavy layouts may sometimes look like chaotic to the untrained eyes, but for the user who setup them, everything has been a specific place and also they know where are that place is living.

Whenever theming the heavy home screen like one of these, even stick to simple wallpapers without the single areas of focus. The icon packs are especially most important here as the screen is covered within a huge amount of apps.

If you use up the lot of the obscure apps which are unlikely to be themed in icon packs also, similarly icons and their filters for unthemed icons also matter.


Minimalist home screens:

Home screen,

Home screen

At the other most end of the home screen of your android smartphone spectrum lie within screens with as much as little on them as possible. The Minimalist home screens are looks like tidy, they are also simple, they are here in order to stay out of the way and also let you get whatever you need to want to do done. This awesome default layout lies on the most third-party launchers, and also even some manufacturer’s launchers looks like the awesome Google Now Launcher, which lean towards the minimalist side of it, so as in order to not overwhelm new users of it.

You will also need some beautiful icon pack in order to compliment your wallpaper such that it is higher with these layouts because of the few apps which are there stand out more. The beautiful Widgets with clear backgrounds play a great role in this area especially well with the minimalist layouts, but on a bright, the custom widget might be also serve as a lot of bit of this statements.

Mixed home screens:

Home screen

Home screen

The Mixed home screens, these beauty tries to strike the balance within the shelves of the shortcuts and also to the emptiness of the minimal layouts.

These layouts may be skew looks like the busy or whether simple, which is trying to make the most of the space that is given to them without being going overcrowding things of their surroundings. Whenever you are building themes for myself or the site, this is the layout category I always strive for the most.

As we know that because of the fact that mixed layouts are like somewhat which is built within around their smartphone device or even the beautiful wallpapers, they will also adapt to be the most of the awesome themes to you throw at themselves.

If your wallpaper is being busy into the middle of your android smartphone’s homescreen, these lay out your elements on the top and also to the bottom of the homepage screen. If your wallpaper features the character’s profile on their left side, that will keep your apps and widgets to the right one also.

My smartphone’s dock always consists of six folders and also a phone. Some of friends of mine hides up almost the every app on yheir homepage screen and just uses up search to pull them up.

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