You Need to Learn These 7 Programming Language to Build an Android App

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7 Programming Languages you will Need to Build an Android App:

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Creating an awesome android app is a great thing. Android platform is a good platform itself. You want to build awesome android apps then this post is for you.

Android market is growing day by day and it is never late for a newbie to learn how to build an awesome android app. You just have to choose a right programming language. Here we list some best 7 programming languages. Choose a programming language which fits you. Here we go…

1- C#

– It is a good programming language.
– C# is everything about java leaving its bad parts and by improvements are on top.
– Drawback of C# is it only run on Windows systems because it relies on the .NET Framework.
– Now Microsoft open sourced the .NET Framework in 2014 and acquired Xamarin in 2016.
– Now you can create native mobile apps with Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio through using use Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS.
– You can create complex games.
– MarketWatch is an example of an app built with Xamarin.


2- Lua

– This programming language is originally designed in order to supplement programs written in more like robust languages such as C, NET, etc.
– Using Corona SDK you will be able to create rich apps and by using Lua through which it can be deployed on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and even on Apple TV and Android TV.
– Corona is mostly used in order to create games examples like Fun Run 2.
– Corona is also used to create general utilities and business apps examples like My Days.
– C# also features built-in monetization and an extensive marketplace where you can buy assets and plugins directly.


3- Java

– Java is the official language of the system. So you cannot go wrong with programming language like Java.
– Javs is being used around for more than 20 years and the second most active language on GitHub is Java.
– Java is widely used across dozens of industries and in app developing.
– This programming language is for those who are coming from a language like Swift, for those Java will feel claustrophobic.
– Because it is so old it lacks a huge of the features of newer language.

4- Python

– As Python development is not supported by android but the good thing is there are various tools available which will let you create apps in Python and thereafter convert them into APKs which will run successfully on Android devices.
– Those who wants to create apps but can not stand in trappings of Java then the solution for them is Kivy.
– Kivy is popular for its open source and it also supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS in addition to Android.
– Kivy is designed to encourage rapid app developments.
– Kognitivo and Barly are two best examples of Android apps made with Kivy.


5- Kotlin

– This programming language was designed to run on a was designed on the Java Virtual Machine.
– Kotlin is an easy way in order to create cross-platform software.
– Actually Kotlin apps are compiled to Java bytecode and allowing Kotlin apps in order to run on any machine which supports Java runtime environment.
– The features of Kotlin are modern, fast. Kotlin features a much more comfortable programming experience.
– Kotlin is free and open source. It will develop quite quickly.

6- C/C++

– Google officially provides two development kits in order to make Android apps. The first one is the SDK(which uses Java) and the second is NDK(which uses languages like C and C++).
– The NDK makes you able to create a native library whose functions called within your app Java code.
– NDK is for more performance out of computationally heavy tasks as you will be able to incorporate C or C++ libraries into your app.
– Many times using C/C++ in android app development is more complex than using java.

7- HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript:

– Using HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript you can create all kinds of apps, both mobile and desktop.
– By using Adobe Cordova(an open source framework which supports iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Blackberry, Firefox, and more), you can create android apps.
– While Cordova needs a lots of work in order to get semi-decent app up and running that is an Ionic Framework instead (which uses Cordova in order to deploy to various platforms).
– untapped and TripCase are the examples of android apps from these three programming languages.

So these are the 7 best programming languages that you will need to build awesome android apps. If you know other programing language and frameworks then let us know in comment below. Have fun!!!

Stay tuned with us guys for more updates and information about programming languages, framework and building android apps.

You Need to Learn These 7 Programming Language to Build an Android App
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