Latest Android Project Ideas For Computer and IT Engineers

Android based projects ideas
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Android based Projects for Engineers

  • Online Banking System Android Application
  • Image Editor based on Android
  • Android safty system using GPS and Massaging system
  • Android applications for video streaming
  • Incoming Call Manager (Android application)
  • Unit Converter android application
  • Android Application Platform Installation with its Development
    Itself SMS Android Application


  • Android application for Location Finder to Identify Hospital and ATM Location
  • Android Event Reminder application

Android based project ideas


  • Android based Bank Account Tracker
  • Android Internet SMS System
    Toll tax payment System in Android
  • Online Examination System for Android
  • GPS Location Alert System and android application
  • Medicine In-Take Reminder android application
  • Tax Calculator android application
  • Grocery shopping list android application
  • Toy Car Control Realization using Bluetooth of Android Equipment
  • Android Based Smartphone Based Traffic Information application
  • Android Malware Detection application
  • Android based Management System Video CD Library
  • Android based Cloud to Device Push Messaging
  • Android Project Search nearest Doctor
  • Android application of Real Estate
  • Android based design and Implementation of Doctor-Patient Interaction System
  • Android-Based TV
  • Design of Secure Location and Message Sharing System for Android Platform
  • A QR-Code Based Information Access System for Android mobiles
  • Android OS based Search Engine
  • Indoor Wifi Positioning System for Android mobiles
  • Android application to Display the Data from Database by List view
  • Android application to get contact number
  • SMS based Camera Triggering
    Destination Remainder
  • Android application to find friends
  • Android Application to Schedule SMS
  • Android application of Puzzle Game
  • Android Mobile Application to update Software Version
  • Android project of collage phonebook
  • Android application for shop management
  • Android Project for attendance management
  • Android Campus Recruitment System
  • Android File Manager Application Project
  • Voice Assistant For Visually Impaired
  • Your Personal Nutritionist Using FatSecret API
  • Mobile Based Attendance System
    Medical Helper Using OCR
  • Face Detection Using Mobile Vision API
  • Child Monitoring System App
  • Floating Camera Widget Android
  • Android Geo Fencing App Project
  • Railway Ticket Booking System Using Qr Code
  • Restaurant Table Booking Android Application
  • Secure File Sharing Using Access Control
  • Android Video Encryption & Sharing
  • Android Expiry Reminder App Using OCR
  • Android Step Counter App
  • Android Boat Crossing Game App

More is coming soonnnnnn….😃 stay tuned with us for more updates. 

Latest Android Project Ideas For Computer and IT Engineers
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