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Install Google Pixel 2’s HDR+, Portrait Mode and Other Features on Essential Phone

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Written by Yash

Install Google Pixel 2’s HDR+, Portrait Mode and Other Features on Essential Phone!!!

Last year Google launched Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones. After the success of Google pixel and Pixel XL Google is more growing forward to provide smoother, powerful and better experience to their customers through their awesome smartphones. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL provides awesome camera features like HDR, Portrait mode, AR stickers, slow motion recording and other features as well.

The good news is developers are continuously working on mods to provide Google Pixel 2 camera features to other android smartphones as well. It is obvious that Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones uses Google’s own camera app. Here the thing to remember is Google always provide updates for its segments. Same as Google’ camera app will receive updates with time. Probably, Google will add more features, more stability to the app.

Here in this guide we have provided a complete described guide on how easily you can download and install Google Pixel 2’s camera app features on your Essential Phone. This camera port is developed by XDA’s senior member aer0zer0. He made this mod for Essential Phone users who can easily get the Google Pixel 2’s HDR+, Portrait Mode, AR sticker and other features on Essential Phone.

This camera mode is basically a Magisk mod keeping you away from SafteyNet. By installing this magisk mode on your Essential Phone you will get a number of camera app features of Google Pixel 2. This mode was specially built for android Oreo Beta 1 firmware. But this new camera mod is built for Android Oreo Beta 2 firmware. So to get the features of Google Pixel 2 camera app in your Essential phone you must have installed Android Oreo beta 2 firmware.

Here are some changes this mod will make in your device:-

> Replaces media_profiles_V1_0.xml in vendor/etc and media_profiles_V1_0.dtd in system/etc.

> Adds calibration_cad and device_profile.proto in system/etcand GCAM 1.4b2, ARcore, and ARStickers in system/priv-app.


– You must have root your Essential Phone.

– ‎You must have installed the latest android Oreo beta 2 firmware in your device.

– ‎You must have installed magisk v15.2 on your device.

– Download Magisk based GCAM 1.4B2 port for Essential PH-1.

Now, follow below steps to install the mod:-

– First of all make sure you have completed all steps of prerequisites.

– ‎Now transfer the downloaded GCAM Magisk port from your computer to your Essential phone.

– ‎Now open the Magisk Manager app on your phone.

– ‎Here look for Modules section and click on that.

– ‎Here look for a floating +button at the bottom of the screen.

– ‎Click on that + button.

– ‎Here navigate to the downloaded mod file and select it.

– ‎Now look at the top right corner, here click on Open in order to install the mod.

– ‎Wait for some time and let the installation complete.

– ‎After installation complete, reboot your device.

– ‎Congratulations!! You are done.

Comment below guys if you know face any problem while installing the mod and feel free to ask if you have any questions to ask. Stay tuned with us to get the regular updates. Have Fun!!!

Install Google Pixel 2’s HDR+, Portrait Mode and Other Features on Essential Phone
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