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How to Install Android O on Google Pixel or Nexus

Android o on Google pixel
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Install Android O on Pixel or Nexus smartphones!!

Android o on Google pixel

Google has already released list and a blog post explaining android users, almost all of the new changes and features occurred in Android O in UI interface ,other features and tweaks. Android users are crazy about the Android O as it has finally arrived in the market as a beta version.


According to the latest news, first Developer Preview of Android O was released earlier today. It is available right now to install on Google’s Nexus and Pixel devices. For the installation of android O preview on your pixel and nexus device, first, you have to unlock your device’s boot loader & your device will be also wiped. So let’s start the procedure:

Things to be needed:


A supported Nexus or Pixel device.

A Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

– A USB data cable.
Set Up ADB & Fastboot:

– To begin the procedure firstly, you have to install ADB and Fastboot on your computer.

-It is a very easy & simple process which will not take more than four minutes.
Download & Extract the Update:

-Now download the Android O factory images for your device.

-Always make sure to download the suitable/correct .ZIP according to your device’ model.

– When the download is completed than right-click the .ZIP file and choose Extract Here.


Now here we can begin the procedure:

– After the extracted the files, you have to copy and paste the extracted contents in your platform-tools folder. [ Copy & paste all of these files in the platform-tools folder in your ADB installation directory. For most of the users, this found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\, so move the files to the appropriate directory.]

– Now open up your device’s Settings and navigate to About phone then continuously tap the “Build number” entry until a toast message appears: “You are now a developer!”

– Now tap the back arrow and open “Developer options” entry. In this menu, enable two things, first is “Enable OEM unlocking” setting, and second is “USB debugging”.

Unlocking boot loader:

– Now switch off your device than press and hold the volume down and power buttons simultaneously, and keep holding both of them for about 10 seconds.

– After that you will be in Android’s Bootloader menu. Once you see this screen, connect your phone to your computer through a USB data cable.

– If you are a Windows PC user, than hold down the shift button on your keyboard, thereafter, right-click any empty space inside of the platform-tools folder and choose “Open Command Window Here”.

– If you are a Mac or Linux user, open Terminal, thereafter change directories to your platform-tools folder. Than type the following command, then hit enter:”fast boot devices”
-If it returns with a series of letters and numbers, then you are going correctly. If it refer back to the guide in Step 1 to check your ADB and Fastboot installation.

– Now here is turn to unlock your device’s bootloader. Here enter the following command.

– Note: it will wipe your device.

fastboot flashing unlock”

Now after the unlocking bootloader we can go through the flashing android O procedure:

Doubleclick the flash-all.bat file that you pasted in your Platform Tools directory. This BAT file automatically flash and install all of the Android O files in your device.

– Now you will see the Android O has began to installing on your device.

– Now sit back and relax, [wait until the final “finished” line pop appeared into the command prompt].

– Here your device will automatically reboot, at this point it is safe to disconnect your device through USB cable.

Congratulations!! Now enjoy the latest android O preview on your device. As it is a beta version, might be it has some bugs. Follow all the procedure as given above correctly. Have Fun guys!!
Stay tuned with us guys for more info about latest news of android O and other beta android O preview on Google’s pixel and nexus devices. If you have any problems then know us in comment. We trying to solve your problems. Thanks for reading.  

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