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How To Install ADB & Fastboot on Mac, Linux & Windows

Install adb and fastboot
Written by Yash

Install ADB & Fastboot on Mac, Linux & Windows:

Benifits of Installing ADB & Fastboot on Mac, Linux & Windows:

Install adb and fastboot

  • Helps in backing up your device’s important data & later restoring it.
  •  Helps in rooting android.
  • Can be used to change device’ resolution.
  • Provides hundreds of tweaks and customization for android.
  • Install in just few clicks.

Here we will discuss up three major mehods:

Method 1:

Firstly, you have to install Android SDK Tools and it cones with ADB and Fastboot bundled. It is regularly updated by Google.

Now download the Android SDK Tools according to your operating system:

  • download the SDK Tools installer file for Windows (.exe provided by Google).
  • Download the SDK Tools installer file for Mac (.zip provided by Google).
  •  Download the SDK Tools installer file for Linux (.tgz provided by Google).
    As method 1′ process is divided into three parts according to your operating system of your PC.


1) Installation instructions for windows:

  • Just simply launch the .EXE file thereafter, follow the provided instructions to install the Android SDK on your PC.
  • When the installation will be finished than you will be prompted to update the SDK Tools. Whenever you see this menu always, make sure that “Android SDK Platform-tools” option in selected, then click “Install.”.
  •  When the installation is completely finished than the Android SDK Tools will be saved in C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\ folder.
  •  Always Remember this location, as you will need to open a command window in the “platform-tools” folder inside of it when you want to run ADB or Fastboot commands.
  • Now download the ADB drivers because of new software can interact with your device. You have to download the drivers at this link.
  • New just run the file, follow the prompts, and you are done.


2) Installation instructions for MAC:

  • Extract the .ZIP file to a folder which you can access easily, and always take a note of this folder’s location, because you will need to open a command window whenever you need to send ADB or Fastboot commands on PC.
  •  Now open androidsdkmacosx folder and head to tools folder inside of that.
  • Here, Double-click the “android” file in order to launch the SDK installer.
  •  Always make sure that “Android SDK Platform-tools” option in selected and then click “Install.”
  •  Now just follow prompts for installation process and then click “Accept” when prompted about the license agreements.
  •  Here you will need to add a period And a slash (./) to front of any ADB or Fastboot commands. In other words, whenever a guide asks you to type the “adb devices” or something like same, than always type “./adb devices“.

3) Installation instructions for Linux:

  • Extract the android-sdk_r24.4.1-linux.tgz file.
  • Now open the terminal window thereafter, change directories to the /android-sdk-linux/tools/ folder that you just extracted.
  • Here, type android sdk to launch the SDK Manager,
  • Always make sure that the “Android SDK Platform-tools” option is always selected and then click “Install“.
  • After that, you have to install the drivers.
  •  Now download and extract this ZIP file.
  •  After extract the file run the script with Terminal.
  • Here you are done.

This is for all operating systems:

  • Once the Android SDK Tools is installed. you are ready to send ADB and Fastboot commands in PC.

Now just follow these simple steps to avoid troubles in future:

  • Always make sure that you have “USB debugging” enabled on your Android device.
  • Now simply connect your device to your computer through a USB cable, then you should see the following prompt on your Android device.
  •  Now tick the box next to the “Always allow“, press “OK” on the pop-up.
  • when you done, you will not suffer from troubles sending ADB or Fastboot commands in the future.

Method 2:

Install Standalone ADB Program (Windows):

  •  Download ADB installer (.exe).
  •  Now run the file and follow the prompts.
  •  When you done , now download the drivers from this link.
  •  Now run the file and follow the prompts.
  •  Here, you are all set to use ADB and Fastboot commands.
  •  Now go to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot\ folder.
  •  Now hold down the shift button on your keyboard, right-click any empty space thereafter, choose “Open command window here”.

Method 3:

Install Standalone ADB Program (Mac & Linux):

  • Here, you have to use a Terminal command.
  • New run a script created by corbin052198. Here is no actual file to be downloaded, since Terminal will handle the downloading and installation itself.
  •  Now just execute the following command in Terminal.
  • Throughout the process you will always need an active internet connection in order to get this to be run properly, also will need to type in your password to continue.

– bash <(curl -s

If you got any error, you can use this alternative command:

– cd ~ && curl -s -o ./ “” -LOk && chmod +x ./ && ./ && rm ./

  • Now you are done. Enjoy ADB & Fastboot on your Mac, Linux. Have fun!!!!

Stay tuned with us guys about more android tweaks and other information about PC drivers.

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