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Huawei Watch 2 Features And Review

huawei watch 2
Written by Yash

Let’s have a review of Huawei Watch 2

Main feature of this watch is the built-in GPS and NFC. This smart watch is an optional 4G model which features packed smartwatch but the screen looks a little small, while using it the performance may be sluggish, and sometimes its design looks less premium than the predecessor.

The Huawei Watch 2 gives users to have more connectivity options than any other smart watch in the market. It runs on android wear 2.0 and also gives users a new stylish sporty look, as the drawback is, it has a smaller display than other smart watches in the market and as we know that the chunkier has been built this latest Huawei Watch 2 smartwatch which feels to users like this is going to do too much.

Release date and price tag:

-In us the release date of Huawei Watch mentioned is in April 17

-The price tag for the Non-4G model is: $369 (around £280, AU$450)

-And also the price tag for the 4G model is: €379 (around £320, $400, AU$520)

As according to the upcoming news, In the US there are currently no variant of 4g to launch while the Huawei is working on this immediately.

Looks and the design:

-This smart watch Huawei Watch 2 has a sporty and chunky design

-There are given the two hardware buttons, but no one of them is rotating crown.

-The design and looks are made with regards to have a comfortable and lightweight features.

huawei watch 2

Huawei watch 2

By having a size of 48.9 x 45 x 12.6mm this Huawei Watch 2 is looks and feel well sizable presence while wearing it on the wrist. Some users said that it is specifically bigger than its predecessor, while this smart watch 2 is provided with a smaller display. When you will compare it with the LG Watch Sport, than you will find that the Huawei actually comes out on winning position because it has a slimmer frame.

The measured weight is 57gm of the Huawei Watch 2, which is surprisingly light while considering with the tech crammed which lies inside. It is comfortable on the arm because of its flat looks and with the built-in heart rate monitor.


It is 1.2-inches in length and having a 390 x 390 display, which sometimes feels little small for some on the screen tasks on the behalf of the daily use tasks.

Huawei watch 2 offers a bright display which will be enough to read out everything for users, and it is highly on touch responsive.This smart watch Huawei watch 2 offers a resolution of 390 x 390 and as it boasts a higher pixel density than the original Huawei Watch which was larger at 1.4 inches, by giving users a huge amount of space to do.

Interface and specifications:

– Some users commented that it has a sluggish performance even in high daily multi tasking. It also provides users to have useful security PIN feature. The Huawei watch 2 features watch app store.

This smart watch the Huawei Watch 2 features a powerful Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset which is made up for a high android wear multitasking, and also offers users to have a heaven of 768MB of RAM.

The big feature of the Android Wear 2.0 update is the on-watch app store in this itself which means you may download many apps directly to the watch, without any need to use up your smartphone, because later there is a method by which you have to first download it on your smartphone.

The Huawei watch 2 offers android wear users to have a storage heaven of 4 GB storage built in which will allow users to download a lot of third party  applications.

The Hussein’s Watch 2 features 4G to users:

-You can make and also receive calls.

-and you can also send messages by using web without the use of phone.

-You have to contract of Second SIM.

-It offers a limited use cases.

The best features of Huawei Watch 2 is when you are not with your phone and if not around of a Wi-Fi connection than the Huawei Watch 2 plays a great role by itself.


-The best of this Huawei Watch 2 is that it works with any Android phone running Android 4.3 and up but it offers a limited usage modes with iPhones who are running iOS 9 and up.

The notifications not offers a much features and because of it you will not able to respond comfortably to whatsapp message and some apps even play ball.

Fitness features:

-It has a Heart rate monitor and GPS included
-The best thing is that it has a feature that hourly reminders to move if you sit still too long
-The Workout app is pre-installed in Huawei Watch 2.

If you are sitting still for an hour this Huawei watch 2 vibrates your wrist, it will get your muscles moving and blood pumping also.

stunning Battery life:

The battery offers a maximum of two-day battery life that is if you have not inserted SIM. And also offers a day of life with SIM card inserted.


The Huawei Watch 2 offers a great variety of specifications in this suitable price tag. This watch offers a great battery life also offers the fitness smart featured and also has 4G pre-installed with 768MB of ram and snapdragon waer 2100 chipset. If you willing to buy this smartwatch than it is a great choice.

Stay tuned to with us for our in-depth review of the Huawei Watch 2’s performance, battery life, reviews and news.

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