Hide the Home Button on Your Galaxy S8’s ‘Always On Display’ Screen

Galaxy s8 features unlock
Written by Yash

“Always On Display” Screen!! Hide the Home Button in Galaxy S8:

Galaxy s8 features unlock


Samsung released Always On Display screen or you can say AOD features with  launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 device. This AOD features is pretty well and provide Samsung Galaxy S8 user to have a brief overview without having to wake up your phone.

– So here might be you not like the home button at the bottom of the Always On Display interface because sometimes it ruins the sleek look and cause screen burn-in then this post is for you.

– Here i am gonna tell you that how you can very easily with few steps can disable the virtual home button.


Here we go…

> First of all, open the Settings app

> Now, tap on “Lock screen and security.

> Here, scroll down to the Lock Screen And Always On Display section

> Now select “Always On Display.” Be sure that you do not disable the toggle switch. Just tap the actual text.

> Click “Content to show

> There you will be able to see the AOD home button can be disabled very easily.

> Now change the setting to “Clock or information.”

> Here you are done. Very easily. Congrats!!!

Thats all set, from now you will not see any unwanted home button at the bottom of the screen by itself.

Note:- You can wake your samsung Galaxy
 s8 device by just double-tapping or by
 even long-pressing the portion of the
 screen part, where the virtual main
 home button used to be.

Enjoy guys!! Have fun!!!
Stay tuned with us guys for more customizable tweaks about the Samsung Galaxy S series and latest information about the android O and list of devices who will officially get this update.

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