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Auto Draw, Google’s New AI Experiment, Is Autocorrect For Doodles

Google Auto Draw
Written by Yash

Want to draw like s pro!! Use Google’AI. This can make your dire drawing into a master piece of art!!

It is assumed that in order to become a artist, it takes more than 10,000 hours. While some of us even don’t have time,patience for this.

Now Google is taking its responsibility to make everyone’s drawing into an artistic piece. Google is working on its artificial intellectual systems to apply them on this field of work.


This will make an artistic drawung experience into easier. “The terible digital drawinga are now converted into a recognisable piecr of art”- now possible because the tech gaint released a free web app.

You can even draw fast because of an dubbed based system calked AuroDraw. Now line drawings can be made easier by using mouse or even finger(if the device is touchable) which is not as dissimilar to Microsoft Paint, as being you will first provided by a black canvas.

To the specific canvas you will be provided by the simple lines, text, a paint bucket for filling, different colours and pre-determined shapes.

By using the auto draw brush, you can create a masterpiece. Googe’s system always try its bes to identify that what is being portrayed and always offers a best version of it.

Google Auto Draw

Google Auto Draw

The Google’s second attempt is to draw a non-descript smartphone. That The Goggle is working to know about what ia being bad created. And also it offers a new version of it.

According to google, this system works by knowing that what is being drawn with respect to its picture, and also such that what this means to be that have been created by a selection of artists it has worked with.”The technology which is required for this is generally known as firm’s machine learning technology. This technology is used to compare them in order to know what is being drawn by the user and thia technology is trained on the dataset of images.

Google has been released the AutoDraw, which is the latest experiment done by Google. On November 2016, Google has launched a number of machinery games in order to make its system more smarter.

The game presented by Google let users to draw what they can in a less time. Ouick Draw than correct the thing users had drawn. This game is presented by Google to make a pic into art style creation called Quick Draw.

Google also released eight diffrent machine learning experiments at the time of launch of this game.

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