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Happy Birthday Google+ : Google+ 6 Years Old Today

Written by Yash

Happy Birthday Google+ for its 6th Birthday Today!!!

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In 2011, Google+ was launched on this day, in higher growing technology world. From that day in 2011 to now 2017, it has been 6 years and many new technologies came in exist and many changes happened to Google and its Components. Google+ is one of them. That’s true we personally hardly use Google+ but we can even exist without it.


Google+ is Google’s own social media platform. Some of us even can’t use Google+ as the same way like Facebook or Twitter. In these 6 years many changes have been made as this network saw a redesign in November, 2015. Google tends to slowly add various features in order to enhance the Google+ platform like the recent return of “Events”.

When Google+ was launched on this day, in 2011, Google Reader was still around (RIP), Nexus S was still new in the market and we were mourning the loss of Google Buzz sadly.

Most of the people use Google+ to leave a comment on YouTube. When they signed up they are able to do so. Google+ even became a core product in G Suite.

Comment below how Google+ is helpful for use and how you use it. And at last, enjoy and Have Fun!!!

Stay tuned with us guys for more updates and information about Google and its Components.

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