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How to Create Facebook Phishing Android Application

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How to Create Your Own Facebook Phishing Android Application

Here’s the trick of Facebook phishing page creator, fb phishing page for mobile, fb phishing wapka, Facebook phishing page download, how to create phishing page for any website, how to create a phishing page for Gmail, Facebook phishing site, Facebook phishing page 2018. Facebook is one of the most downloaded and most popular application over the world, every person has its personal account and pages on Facebook. Facebook is like a gold in a mine. It is available on every platform for every user.

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Note :- This is only for Education purpose. Featuresunlocker is not responsible for any miss use of the trick.

Here we are going to tell you about an app which totally looks like real Facebook application. A victim will not able to find out whether it is a fake or real Facebook application.

Here we are going to briefly describe you a method How to make an Android Application Software by using Facebook Phishing Method.
So if anyone login to Facebook using this android application software, you will get username and password of each person.

How to Create Facebook Phishing Android Application

1- First you have a good internet connection, now download fb phishing.zip attachment. To download this attachment click HERE.

2- After download complete extract the file and open it. You will see 4 phishing page files and 1 Facebook app icon (.png file).

3- 4 phishing page files have name as:-
login_files (folder)

And 1 Facebook app icon (.png file) has name as:-
facebookICON (.png)

4- Next step is to upload the 4 files name as-
login_files, login.html, post.php and passwords.txt to a web hosting site in order to get the fake page’s url.

Special Tip:- Looking for a site with free hosting and free domain. Don’t worry, have a look for byethost.

5- Now go to byethost.com.

6- To register here fill all the information needed.

7- Next check out your email. A verification link will be sent to you in order to confirm your account.(Tip:- Note down the Cpanel username you got on verified your account).

8- Next click HERE or go to  http://panel.byethost.com .

9- Here enter your Cpanel username and password to login to your Cpanel account successfully.

10- After login complete go to file manager under files and log into it. Here click on Public_html and click on the upload and upload all the four files login_files, login.html , post.phpand passwords.txt

11- After uploading completed, next click on login.html file. Congrats! A fake phishing page will open now just Copy the URL’s address of your fake page.

12- Next we are going to make an android application. Click HERE or go to www.appsgeyser.com and click on create now button than click on the option website.

13- Here paste your Copied URL Address in this field.

14- In App’s name:- fill Facebook or another name related to Facebook, in Description:- Give brief description, in App icon:- Upload the FacebookICON.PNG you have downloads above than click next and create app.

Congratulations!! You have successfully done!! Download this android application to your pc and install it on your mobile.

Comment below guys how this method worked for you and feel free to tell us if you face any problems while working on this method. Enjoy!!

Stay tuned with us guys to get latest updates and information about latest Hacking tutorials, technology and much more. Have fun!!!

How to Create Facebook Phishing Android Application
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