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Block Numbers on iOS and Android Phone

How to Block Number on iOS and Android Phone, Block Calls on Android, Block Calls on iPhone, Block Spam Calls on Android and iOS
Written by Yash

How to Block a Number on iOS and Android Devices!!

We all are connected to our smartphones either directly or indirectly. We love smartphone technology because we don’t have to wait to communicate with someone any more. All we need is a phone with a sim card and recharge( of course) to call our beloved friends and relatives.

The main purpose of a smartphone is to make calls. Now with the era of smartphone technology and social media platforms, we can communicate with our friends and relatives very easily. Now we can do we video chats as well.
But sometimes we all guys get fake, fraud or spam calls on a daily basis. We never likes these unwanted calls on our devices. So how can we get rid of the phone calls? The answer is too simple. All we have to do block that spam calls. Our Android and iOS devices have inbuilt feature of block numbers in order to get rid of spam calls.

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Currently many third party apps are available on Google Playstore and App Store which features blocking of unwanted numbers. However, why we need to install a third party app if our smartphones provides same Inuit feature. So here, in this guide we gonna tell you how easily you can block a number on your android and iOS devices. So here we begin….

How to Block Number On Android:-

– First, open Dialer/Phone app in your android smartphone.

– ‎Click on Call History.

– ‎Now look for the number you need to block.

– ‎Now long press on that number.

– ‎Here, a drop-down menu will appear on your device’s screen.

– ‎Click on Block Number.

– ‎Now, the number will be blocked and you will no more get unwanted calls or messages from that blocked number. All Done!!

In order to see the list of blocked numbers on your android device navigate to Phone/Dialer app> Settings> Call Blocking. Here you will get the list of blocked numbers on your android device.

However, you can also download third-party android apps from Google play Store to get more blocking features then stock features. We recommend to download Automatic Call Recorder App from Google Play Store to block unwanted calls. Even i am using it on my phone to get rid of spam calls.

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How to Block Number On iOS:-

– First click on Phone app then navigate to Call History.

– ‎Here, look for the phone number you wish to block.

– ‎Now press on information.

– ‎Now scroll down and click on Block this Caller.

– ‎Just press on Block and the number will be blocked. All Done!!

If you wish to see the list of blocked numbers on your iOS device just navigate to Settings> Phone> Blocked. That’s it.

However, you can also look for third party number blocker apps in iOS App Store.

Comment below guys if you have any problem while blocking a number and feel free to ask if you have any questions to ask. Stay tuned with us to get regular updates. Have Fun!!!

Block Numbers on iOS and Android Phone
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