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Best WordPress SEO and Security Plugins

best wordpress plugins
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Plugins reveal the true power of WordPress websites. Plugins help us implement the coding and technical SEO optimizations you’ll need on your website.

Here’s the Best  WordPress plugins we recommend:

Best WordPress Technical SEO Plugins:

Yoast SEO SEO Ultimate

best wordpress plugins

Yoast SEO and SEO Ultimate are plugins you need to do the on-page optimizations that we’ll discuss in chapter 7.
Both of these plugins are powerful when it comes to additional technical SEO items that come across your entire website – like title tags, meta descriptions, Open Graph markup, etc.
We work with both.

Yoast SEO happens to be the de facto standard, but SEO Ultimate is also very useful to WordPress novices.


Google XML sitemaps V3 for Qtranslate

While both of the above SEO Plugins create XML Sitemaps, we really like this XML Sitemap tool and the output it provides for our clients and for easy tracking.

best wordpress seo plugins

Best wordpress Tracking Plugins:

Gravity Forms

This is our favorite form plugin that allows you to easily build many different and many forms to capture leads from your website. That’s a good thing, right? Once you get someone to the site, you’ll certainly want to make sure they can get in touch with you. Gravity Forms is the way.


We love Leadin because it provides great insights into those forms you’ve captured. Specifically, you can get data like which pages (in which order) did that lead take and how long they were on each page. Yes – it’s creepy, and for data junkies like us, it’s GREAT.

Yoast Analytics

Yoast happens to provide a lot of really great WordPress plugins and the Google Analytics one is really good. When we walk through setting up Google Analytics on your own, below, we’ll show you how to specifically do it with Yoast. You can put your GA code on your site however you’d like to, but your installation is on you.

Best wordpress Security Plugins:

best wordpress security plugins


This isn’t really much for SEO – but more for peace of mind. There are a lot of bad people out there who want to break into your WordPress installation and use it to host Viagra ads (yes – it does happen). Wordfence is a great, free, solution that will help keep a lot of those bad folks at bay.

This are the best wordpress plugins of 2017, best wordpress security plugins, best free wordpress plugins.

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