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6 Best Transit Apps For Android

Written by Yash

6 Best Ever Transit Apps for Android:

– Transit apps are like a miracle as you get something more flexible, easier for you. Transit apps are growing by change in time. Today we can see a lot of transit apps on various big OS platform like iOS, Android, Windows etc. Here we gonna tell you some best ever 6 Transit apps to make your journey easier. So here we go…


Citymapper app, best transit apps1- Citymapper:

– Citymapper is one of the best android app in Google Play Store. As it features most of the valuable things.
– It will make your journey easier by giving you information about taxis, subways, trains, ferries, cabs, even Uber and Lyft also.
– This app features a dozen of cities in United States and Europe, a few in Canada, Australia and Asia.
– Citymapper also gives you information about departure times, step by step directions, offline maps in some areas and alerts.
– You van Download Citymapper free on Google Play Store.


Curb app, best transit apps2- Curb:

– Curb is basically a taxi app which can connect you to around 50,000+ taxis in 65 US cities. That’s Awesome.
– This app gives you ability to book a cab on that time which fits you.
– The best thing is you can book a ride immediately, if you needed.
– You can book cabs in big cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington DC.
– Its cool and new in the market. You can give it a try.
– You can download this app Free on Google Play Store.



Easy app, best transit apps3- Easy:

– This is an another option for those who are looking for a Taxi book like app.
– Easy covers over 400 cities in South, North and Central America (up through Mexico) and also covers some cities in the Middle East region.
– Thia app works by finding your GPS location and then you can hail a ride to that particular location.
– You can download Easy Free from Google Play Store.



Easy Transport apps, best transit apps4- EasyWay Public Transport:

– EasyWay Public Transport designed mainly for Eastern Europe area and it is very simple to use.
– As it covers most of the area od Eastern Europe which includes over 50 cities in Russia, 50 cities in the Ukraine, and a few places in Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Moldova also.
– How it works? You just have to open this app than find your location, at last just order a ride which fits you.
– This app also features offline mode.
– You can download EasyWay Public Transport Free from Google Play Store.


Lyft app, best transit apps5- Lyft:

– Lyft is one of the most popular transit servit in United States and it competes with Uber.
– This app covers a large portion in US. Currently it is only available in US.
– This app gives you ability to split checks between multiple riders, pay through the app and much more.
– Lyft is a good option for those who are looking for an awsome transit app and alternatively you can go for Lyft if you do not like Uber for some reason.
– You can Download Lyft Free from Google Play Store.


Uber app, best transit apps6- Uber:

– Uber is one of the most popular, best and people love this app because it gives you access to all stuff you need in a transit app.
– Currently Uber covers more than 500 cities worldwide and that number is increasing by time.
– By Uber you can pay through the app, rate your drivers and much more.
– How it works? Uber will look for your location than you can hail a Uber through the app that fits you.
– You can download Uber Free from Google Play Store.


So guys these are the best ever 6 transit apps. These all will make your journey easier than ever. Comment below if you know another best transit apps and give us your opinions about these apps.

Stay tuned with us guys for more updates and information about lifestyle and transit apps for your android.

6 Best Transit Apps For Android
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