Best Smartphone Innovations of 2017

Best Smartphone Innovations of 2017, 2017 smartphone innovations, Best smartphone Innovations
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3 Best Smartphone Innovations of 2017

From the beginning of a year to the last date of the year, we saw some great smart phone innovations placed this year. However, some companies just in their smartphones just provided the things which consumers already have. But apart from this, some new innovations in smartphone technology also happened this year.

In 2017, mainly three smart phone innovations took the place. Ya! We know that’s not enough when we think of innovations in smart phone like technology. In the upcoming year, 2018 we hope we will see a bundle of fantastic innovations. However, three innovations in smartphone tech. happened this year always promise to consumers to bring out the better experience than ever. So let’s go for it.

1- 18:9 Ratio Displays

Best Smartphone Innovations of 2017, 2017 smartphone innovations, Best smartphone Innovations

When we see on the past, many big screen televisions and smart phone comes with a 16:9 display ratio to watch movies and much more. The 16:9 was the standard ratio but know this year 2017, a new like smart phone innovation happened that 18:9 display ratio smartphones.

LG G6 was the first smart phone to brought the 18:9 display radio with 5.7 inches and 2880×1440 display resolution. LG called its LG G6 a full vision but actually what happened LG made the display of LG G6 a bit smaller than LG V20.
After that, Samsung launched its now tremendous smartphones the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus with a display ratio of 18:9. But more technically we can say both smartphones have 18.5:9 display ratio.

After that other smartphones who featured 18:9 display ratio are OnePlus 5T, LG V30, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and more. Same as Google featured 18:9 ratio in its Pixel 2 XL’s 6 inches display. Apple in iPhone X, is at the top with 19.5:9 display ratio on 5.8 inches display.

2- The eSIM:-

Best Smartphone Innovations of 2017, 2017 smartphone innovations, Best smartphone Innovations

SIM cards are like the basics of a good smart phone. As without like this tiny old-fashioned SIM card you can’t make phone calls. Whatever, a big good performance smart phone you have, without SIM card you can’t make phone calls. Here, in 2017, we saw the first look of a smart phone from Google to get rid of these tiny old-fashioned SIM cards.

This year, Google launched its two smartphones namely Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL with new eSIM technology. Basically, the both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have embedded SIM cards which can’t be removed from them. The advantage of eSIM card is that you can switch between the carriers by just using an application and just a few taps.

So if you have purchased an unlocked phone online or gifted your old phone to your beloved family member or you are an international traveller than you more don’t need to carry an extra SIM card with you to be able to connect to internet or make phone calls. Just switch carriers by using an application.

3- 120 Hz smartphone screens:-

Best Smartphone Innovations of 2017, 2017 smartphone innovations, Best smartphone Innovations

Another best innovations in smartphone happened this year 2017 is featuring 120 Hz display refresh rate. The well-known smartphone, Razer Phone was the first to feature display of 120 Hz refresh rate instead of standard 60 Hz. Razer phone featured 5.7 inch display size with 2560 × 1440 screen resolution with 120 Hz refresh rate calling it a best phone for high-end game lovers.

Basically, display refresh rate means how easily, fastly and clearly your phone can display a picture with smoothies l smoothness and clearness even when you after fastly scrolling down on your smartphone. Razer Phone developed its Ultra Motion technology to enhance the display refresh rate more smoothly. Ultra Motion tech. basically, sync with device’s GPU to enhance the refresh rate of display.

Comment below guys which innovation of the year like the most and also tell us if you have new innovative ideas and feel free to ask if you have any further questions. Stay tuned with us to get more regular updates. Have Fun!!!


Best Smartphone Innovations of 2017
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