Best Smart Locks for Your Home

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Best smart locks to make your home safe than ever:

Why do you need smart locks? Here are some reasons:
> These smartlocks are very intellectual.
> Use these smartlocks to make your home safer. They will recognize the right persons.
> Read below for more information. As we listed some best ever smartlocks.

Here we go…

1- Schlage Connect Camelot:

Best smartlock, featuresunlocker

– It features almost all of the unlock methods. Such as:-
> It provides the use a standard key through which you can enter a code on the touchscreen number panel
> Also provides use of a Z-Wave hub in order to lock and unlock the door by the proximity and automation.
> The features like Z-Wave support(use of Wink or SmartThings hubs in order to program IFTTT commands for the lock) in other words, locking automatically every night at 10pm.
> This smart lock will cost you $190.
> It also features backlit panel for whenever you wants to use the keypad to unlock in the dark. It comes with ANSI Grade 1 security standards.


Features unlock Amazon

2- Kwikset 914:

Best smartlock for home, features unlocker

– Kwikset 914 features good standard looks when it comes to deadbolts.
– This smartlocks provides standard Kwikset deadbolt with a battery-powered keypad for the normal pin entry.
– Kwikset 914 supports the Z-Wave in order to connect the lock to your home network.
– In other words, you can unlock the door through IFTTT and then lock the door with Amazon Echo with a price that will cost you around $150.
– You can go for it via. Amazon.

Features unlock Amazon


3- August 2nd Generation:

Best smartlock for home

– This smartlock features proximity lock, in other words you can your smart phone in order to remotely unlock or even lock your door. That is your door will unlock whenever you approach with your phone and then lock when you move away from it.
– Now August 2nd Generation supports doorbell cameras, this feature will automatically route all of your door security even through a single app.
– The August 2nd Generation smart lock’s appearance provides any door a futuristic look. As two colours are available, dark gray or silver.
– It will cost the $200 price tag and it is compatible with both of the Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

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4- Kevo 2nd Generation:

Best smartlock for home

– Kevo 2nd Generation lock’s exterior surface is touch-sensitive. So, when you tap that metal exterior then the lock will check for a digital key on your smart phone.
– Its is a very intellectual lock as if your smartphone is nearby or on the right side of the door then lock will disengage you and allow you into the house.
– This lock requires $100 add-on to the already $230 lock to add like Wi-Fi connectivity in your home and Amazon Alexa.
– It will feature same level of deadbolt security you have now with some added features.

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So, guys there are the best smart locks which are very intellectual and have ability to safe your home. Comment below if you know any other smart lock and give us your opinions about these smart locks and tell us about your favorite one. Have Fun!!!

Stay tuned with us guys for more information and updates about best home security gadgets.

Best Smart Locks for Your Home
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