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Best Editing App for 360 videos

Best VR editor, best 360 video editing software, best 360 video editor, best 360 video editing apps
Written by Yash

Best Editing App for Your 360 videos? Here is it

In this article, we gonna tell you about some best editing apps that you use to edit your 360 videos. Here are best two excellent options bandit namely V360 and Veer VR Editor. By using these apps you can edit your 360 videos by some fantastic options like trimming, text, adding music etc. Here in this article, we have briefly discussed about these two apps and at the end you gonna get your answer that which one is best for editing of 360 videos.

Basic Functionality:-

Best VR editor, best 360 video editing software, best 360 video editor, best 360 video editing apps

Best VR editor, best 360 video editing software, best 360 video editor, best 360 video editing apps

When we look on the provided features and UI interface of both apps we can easily find some similarities but there are also some dissimilarities in both apps which is making one app better than another.

When you open both Veer VR Editor and V360 apps you got some options to edit your 360 videos. As V360 has its own gallery which will show you your saved 360 videos on the device but in Veer VR Editor you have to dig into your photos and videos to find out 360 videos. In Veer VR Editor you can also edit photos with the ability to edit videos.
Both apps has the ability to save your edited 360 videos and then you can also share on social media with your friends and relatives as well.

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Best VR editor, best 360 video editing software, best 360 video editor, best 360 video editing apps

Veer VR Editor provides all essential features that a video editor app must have. Through this app you get all access to which you can personalize and customize your 360 videos which you can’t get in basic featuring app.

On the other hand, through V360 you can add text to your videos, apart from that you can concentrate the attraction by focusing some parts of the video so that when your friends and relatives sees you video that get attracted. Moreover, you can also add music to your videos.

With Veer VR Editor don’t worry that your every video uploaded on social media looks the same because of the versatility feature of Veer VR Editor. This app gives you a complete like package to edit your videos like a pro. It features trimming of videos, splice a number of favorite videos together, variation in filters, lightning adjustment, text addition, animated emojis and much more. It also provides some more fantastic features. You have to more explore by yourself.

When you open the V360 app you will be facilitated by a ton of icons on the home screen of V360 app. Sometimes, that icons messes up mind by confusing if you wanna edit a video quickly. It also allows you to change the colour of the text as you wish in the video, here the changes shown as before the video not allowing you to access them during the video itself.

The feature of animated emojis in Veer VR Editor looks very good. Even you can adjust the side of the animated emojis yourself. That means you can put an animated sun on a video of a beach or you can put moon on a night video or something funny on your friend’s face.

Which One is Best?

Veer VR Editor wins on comparing to V360 for the best 360 video editing app. Veer VR editor not only has good UI interface by also provided more feature than V360. This doesn’t mean V360 is a bad app to edit 360 videos.

Veer VR Editor provides all features of a good video editing app. It features support of a full bank of animated emojis, trimming, adding music and text and much more. Through these features you can be a good video editor on successful m social media.

Comment below guys about your experience with Veer VR Editor and V360 apps and feel free to ask if you have any questions. Stay tuned with us to get regular updates. Have Fun!!!

Best Editing App for 360 videos
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