5 Best Ever Canon Apps For Android

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5 Best Ever Cannon Apps

You have a cannon camera and exited how you can control your cannon camera with an Android phone. You can also do a lot of stuff of you have installed a right camera app for your camera app. These apps will give you more controls and more tweaks that you can choose to take good shots and upload them anywhere. So here we go…

Canon dslr controller 1- Cannon Camera Connect:-

– Price: free.

– The first thing is it is an official camera cannon app that you can use to take good shots and much more.
– Here you can connect your android smartphone to camera and then also download and save images from camera to your Android.
– This app supports many other cannon camera models and you can also shoot using your android smartphone and also do much more stuff. This is the best canon apps for Android.
– You can download this app free from Google Play store and there are no in app purchases.



Canon dslr2- DSLR Controller:-

– Price: $7.99.

– DSLR Controller app is especially designed for Cannon EOS cameras.
– This app let’s you use your smartphone screen to use as a view finder and you can also control your camera from your android smartphone.
– This app gives uses ability to snap pictures, zoom, change various settings and more stuff. This is also best canon apps.
– You can perfectly use this app by visiting their official website.
– You can download this app from Google Play Store.


Camera connect and controller app3- Camera Connect and Control:-

– Price: free/ $5.99.

– This app is an overall solution of having a good camera connect app.
– This app does not only supports Cannon camera but also works with other camera brands such as Sony, Nikon and Gopro etc.
– This app gives you ability to download files from camera and also supports connection over Wi-Fi or USB.
– It is free to download from Google Play Store but you can also go for pro version for $5.99 which unlock more feature like brush mode and live camera view.



Canon view finder apk4- Magic Cannon ViewFinder:-

– Price: free/ $1.59.

– Actually, this app does not connects to your camera but it simulates the lens and camera combo which you use.
– You can use this app to frame your photos from your phone.
– This app works with popular canon camera with general lenses.
– You can download this app free from Google play store.


Helicon remote apk5- Helicon Remote:-

– Price: free/ $38-$75.

– You can see Helicon Remote is the most expensive app in this list.
– This app has the ability to take good burst shots with different exposures for HDR style imagery and this app also can perform all the tethering stuff like other apps can. This is also best canon apps for Android.
– You also get a live view feature in this app.
– The single-device license runs for $48. There is also an option for unlimited devices for $75.
– However you can also download free version of this app from Google Play Store.


So guys these are the best cannon apps for android that you can download in your android device. Comment below how these apps worked for you and let us know if you know any other best app of this category.

Stay tuned with us guys for more updates and information about latest android apps and games. Have Fun!!!

5 Best Ever Canon Apps For Android
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