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Apple is now entering in the self-driving car race-Latest Reports

Apple self driving car
Written by Yash

Apple is now entering in the self-driving car race

Apple Inc. is now entering in the race by launching its first self-driving car to the masses.

On friday, the California’s Department of Motor Vehicles has updated its website surprisingly that the Apple will now enter in the list of 30 companies, these 30 companies are already working on the self driving cars and these companies are already working in ordet to firstly test them on California’s public roads.

According to the reports, the DMV said Friday in an e-mailed statement that the Apple will test their self driving car software on the three 2015 Lexus RX 450h hybrid SUV with six different drivers. Now, the Apple also said they will going to test their self driving car softwares.

“We have no specific information how apple is choosing car models to test their self driving car softwares. They may be choose the hybrid crossover SUVs. As these Models are great choice for those companies who are looking to launch their future technologies.”-  A Lexus spokesman told.

On the behalf of reports, the GM, Ford, Honda and Mercedes-Benz are some popular good results giving companies and they are willing to test their self driving car models on the road of California.

On the behalf of reports, the GM, Ford, Honda and Mercedes-Benz are some popular good results giving companies and they are willing to test their self driving car models on the road of California.

The company like Tesla which is a Electric-car manufacturer company. They already started to test their automated self driving cars on the roads of California from the Last year.


” Investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation, and is excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation.”- Apple said in a November letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission.

As we know that the Apple’s Iphone smartphone series is a genuine smartphone series. Their is no competition with regards to the Iphone. No other OS can compete with the Iphone because of its uniqueness and UI.


Apple self driving car

Apple self driving car

As the same rule applies to the Apple’s self driving cars. Apple is joining the competitive race to design self-driving cars. The Apple is now trying to transform transportation.

As the Apple’ s self driving test will go with six individual drivers. These six drivers are requiref because the California law wants people to be in a self-driving car who can take control if something goes wrong.

According to the accidental reports, traffic accidents are mostly happens because of drunk or distracted motorists.

Therefore the Apple believes that the self-driving cars could ease congestion and save millions of people who die in the car accidents yearly.

As Apple make genuine phone, tablets, ipods, ipads,computers etc. So the self-driving cars could also be a lucrative new market.

As the Apple is competing gainst 29 other companies. These big companies already have California’s permits to test their valuable self-driving cars.

Some of the big motor vehicle comapnies from the list of 29 are Ford, General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen and Tesla, as well as one of its biggest rivals in technology, Google, who is already testing its self-driving cars that have been spun off into an affiliate called “Waymo”.

The Cupertino, a famous company of California, pointed to a statement that it issued in December.

Steve Kenner, a former Ford Motor executive who is now Apple’s director of product integrity.

Apple released its statement that “Apple is investing heavily in machine learning and autonomous systems,” the company said then. “There are many potential applications for these technologies, including the future of transportation.”

As the biggest of technology maker the Google made their work on self-driving vehicles eight years ago fron now, Waymo’s fleet of self-driving cars has already travelled more than 2 million miles on the California roads.


So the Apple has to go a long way to compete in self-driving technology.

As the Apple has total $246 billion in cash. So yhe Apple can easily afford to buy high tech technology which can accelerates its development of self-driving cars in the market. This will be a great competition to the other 29 companies who are already working on this field.

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