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Android O Beta On Your Google Pixel and Nexus

Google will Launch Android O After The Day Of The US Total Solar Eclipse On August 21, Android Oreo
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How to get Android O On your Google Pixel and Nexus

Here is the procedure

Android O preview are available for following devices

– Nexus Player
– Nexus 6P
– Nexus 5X
– Google Pixel
– Google Pixel XL
– Google Pixel C

So if you device is in the above list than be ready to have Android O beta 4 on your Google Pixel or Nexus device. We also gonna tell you how you can go back to previous stable android Nought. Here we Bootloader on google pixel and nexusgoing to tell you two ways to get android O beta on Google pixel and Nexus. The first one and simple way is that you just have to visit Android Beta Portal than opt-in to the beta that will prompt Google in order to send your phone or tablet a OTA(over-the-air) update. That’s it.




How to Get Android O on Google pixel and Nexus 

Android O fourth developer preview

– Go to Android Beta Program Portal on your Nexus or Pixel device.
– Than just sign into Google Account linked with that phone.
– Now scroll down to your eligible device than find your device you want to enroll in Beta program.
– Then tap Enroll device.
– At last, follow the provided prompts in order to accept the OTA download.


Important Note:- Backup all your important data because your phone will wiped on updating.

If you want to go back to stable Android Nought tha just leave the beta program. So just go to the Android Beta Programme page than just click the button to unroll. Later, your device will receive the OTA update to go back to stable Android Nought.

The Best Second way to Install the Android Developer Preview using the Command Line

Important Note:- Before processing…

– We strongly recommend that you must have knowledge of working with the Android SDK and Command prompt(Windows) or Terminal(Linux or OS X) as it may harm tour device if something done wrong in the following process.

– You have to download updated Android SDK which has latest Android O images and tools(For this check out the Android Development website) and follow their provided instructions on how to install it correctly.

– You will need the adb and fastboot files which are located in the Platform Tools folder and you have to unlock bootloader of your device to go through this procedure.

– We have given below some commands so if you are using a windows machine, you don’t need to use the “./” seen in the below guide.

– You have to Enable Developer Settings, USB Debugging and OEM unlock. For this goo to settings, scroll down to About Phone/Tablet than continuously tap on the build number until you have enabled Developer Options.

– In developer options, check the USB Debugging is On and enable the OEM unlock.

Note:- Make sure to back up all your important files, data and contacts. Your device will be wiped several times during process.

Now here is turn to unlock the Bootloader

Bootloader on google pixel and nexus

– Connect your device to your computer through USB cable than enter the following command:-

./adb devices

Now run the following command to enter into bootloader mode:-

./adb reboot bootloader

Now look at the bottom of the screen, there must be the lock state of the device. Now use the below command:-

./fastboot flashing unlock

Here a dialog will appear on the screen of your device asking do you want to unlock. Now press the Volume Up button and Power Burton to Confirm. Now enter the below command:-

./fastboot reboot-bootloader


Now here we can begin to flash stock firmware image

– Now you have to flash the Android O image( For this find your device’s system image, go to the Factory Images page. Here find your device and download the latest factory image available.)

– After all done, now uncompressed the file in Platform Tools folder where adb and fastboot files are so that you do not have to type the path to different files during flashing the firmware.

– Boot your device into bootloader mode than connect your device correctly to computer.

Now enter the below command:-

./fastboot devices


Now it is time to flash the updated bootloader. Enter the below command:-

./fastboot flash bootloader [bootloader file].img

Now enter the following command:-

./fastboot reboot-bootloader

Now you are going to flash the updated radios. This step is only necessary if you are updating the firmware of a phone or tablet that has cellular radios built into it. Enter the following commands:-

./fastboot flash radio [radio file].img

./fastboot reboot-bootloader

Finally, it is time to flash the actual system image to your phone or tablet

Important Note:- The following command will wipe your device. If you don’t want your device to be wiped than just remove the “-w” from below command. The update should still take just fine.

./fastboot -w update [image file].zip

Now your device will restart itself and boot up normally. On the first boot it will take some time which is normal.

Congratulations!!! You have updated your Google Nexus or Pixel device to Android O Beta 4. Guys follow the above procedure correctly and carefully. Always make sure to have backup of your device.

As we said above if you want to go back to stable Android Nought than just find right system image compatible with your handset or slate after that run the same procedures as above but with the Android Nougat image.

Comment below guys how this Android O Beta 4 updates looks to you and let us know if you find any problems during process. Have Fun!!!

Stay tuned with us guys for latest updates and information about Android Oreo and devices getting Android O updates.


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