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Android Apps Will Soon Get Backward Compatibility for Emojis

New emojis
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Android Apps Soon Available New EmojiĀ 

In Android, you will not see the new emojis if you not upgraded your device to the lates version of platform. Soon, Google resolved this and Google will add support for EmojiCompat library to the platform, which will compatibility for emojis to Android 4.4 version and uper versions.

New emojis


At now, users see crossed-boxes, which indicates the incompatible fonts, when a new emojis are sent to them on a previous version of the Android. However, with the support for emojicompat library, the customers can be able to see the modern day emojis with no need to upgrade their complete os. Emojipedia points out that emojicompat would not exchange the manner emojis are rendered but gives the app with a font that capabilities the modern day emoji glyphs. The guide for brand new library is said to be rolled out with android o.

Android emojis



As this library required the app developers to put in force the guide for the library, there is not anything this is required to be accomplished from the consumer’s cease to peer the trendy emojis. In the android developers weblog submit, the instructions have been supplied for app developers to include assist for emojicompat to their apps.

To bear in mind, unicode consortium announced the launch of unicode 10 in june. Appreciably, with unicode 10, 56 new emojis have been brought which includes emojis for hijab, zombie, ‘colbert emoji’, headscarf amongst others.

Considering that this hassle plagues a majority of android customers, this is a far-wished trade this is likely to be welcomed with each fingers via the community. Now it is as much as app builders to put in force this help and keep their apps up-to-date.

Android Apps Will Soon Get Backward Compatibility for Emojis
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