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android 7.0 better and more interactive notifications

You will get more interactive notification by upgrading to android 7.0!

Android wants our attention so he make pop ups red blinking boxes  and sometimes wired notification pop ups and 7.0 better and more interactive. As the notification area was started with the start of android. android is continuously upgrading its notification interface by upgrading its OS.

With the origin of android 7.0 the things are going to become a lot better, largely beautiful  because developers now have more control over the way of  notifications which are displayed.

Let’s talk about some new features:

1-Directly replies: these are something you may have already seen on your smartphone with some useful apps. The Hangouts app is also a good example. If somebody sends you a message in Hangouts, and you might have no other pending notifications, you get a single message view that you can also reply to right from the notifications shade area. Since it has been possible since the  Nexus 6 launched, a hige number of apps have been already coded it in.

Thosee typesof actionable notifications which have been further get refined in android 7.0 nougat, and the developers can also decide to add more context to the notification  and keep the notifications active after the your reply if the return response is might be anticipated.


2-Bundled Notifications: these are the improved version of the “stacks” we had seen since, the Lollipop is  using up Nougat’s new visual styling features. That is why they might be feel familiar to you also. The developers of this app have been able to even implement a nice form of them just for good over the whole year.

These familiar changes might be feel familiar to anyone who is  using an android with Lollipop or even higher because this behavior is builted on the changes made in android 5.0. Those are also what we already used on android wear watches with some  new beautiful visual styles.So, Because of this, Bundled Notifications and inlined Direct Replies which are backwardly compatible with any of the application builted for Lollipop or even higher. All the developers really needs to do is to check up regularly  that they  may be meet the new good practices of it. Even if they dont bother it, the existed API functions flawlessly call on the newer versions. That is important because of the reality is that many apps that we can use up every day might be rarely get updated.


3-Notification Peeking: This platform brings up back the old pop-up display for us an incoming notifications, but  it also makes them also smarter. A specific developer can use the peeking window in order to display the latest incoming notifications of a huge amount of bundled group. Our Hangouts notifications are now even become collapsible and expandable also to be see as content as we like, we might also reply to each individual message threads and we could  set up things up so a reply can “peek” on our android screen for a moment or two of it and might allow us to directly reply from the upcoming peeking window.

4-Custom Views and also the beautiful Messages Styles: Make the developers to change up how the beautiful notifications can  looks like for a specific app. This can be done very importantly whenever you are creating bundles or peeking it, and might also help us to  as users in order to get the right information of it at a particular moment.These beautiful message styles also allow us to  customize is the notification’s labels, and  even now our Hangouts notification has a creative title also — “Chat with Dad” or “Bad Jokes” — and if u find out  multiple participants of it at particular moment, each reply must be labeled and even beautifully colored looking even more unique than ever.

Since, those changes that appeared to be  subtle, and also that’s just because we also have the only seen Google’s take on their specific implementations. Noone can making android smartphones has to keep things low-key and mostly white, and developers even  now have some good tools in order  to make notifications for their own favorite apps that stands out of it. We also  may not  like them but also all of them, while  the next genuine idea that can be builted using these awesome tools.

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