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Aadhaar Payment App: Here’s how it works

Aadhaar app
Written by Yash

Aadhaar App Launch Today

So there is a good news! Now, consumers will be able to get remove of their stacks of plastic money, the confusion about set of passwords, and the fears of their digital payment account passwords has being stolen. Answer the essays of reviews to the digital mobile wallets, the government of India is now set to launch the Aadhaar Payment application, which as the name suggests, will facility Aadhaar-linked with digital payments.

The Aadhaar card payment application is launch tomorrow. That was 25 December , by uses consumers Aadhaar card details their link with bank account details, along with theirs biometric scans to authentication all transactions. Which means, that users would no be more need to download wallet apps, and can make transactions and purchases and payments directly using theirs Aadhaar card number, with the help of Unified Payment Interface . Here is show how that works.

So you must have been receive some constant notifications from your bank lately, to update your Aadhaar card details with your bank account. So, that was for a reason. Those linked bank account details with Aadhaar is being plan by the government to make digitize your payments. How this would work is, if things go as planned, your each bank account, would be link with your  Aadhaardetails. Now, the Aadhaar Payment app has two sides to it, one is the merchants app, and the other is the consumer app.

Aadhaar app

Aadhaar app

While the consumer apps is just another form of mobile wallet apps, which is linked with your Aadhaar card in this case, that can be used to make quick online transactions easy. However, the primary part of the Aadhaar Payment application is the merchant app And the interesting bit of the entire merchant version of the Aadhaar Payment application is that it does not require the consumer to install that app in their mobile phone to successfully make payments, like how you need it right now in case of mobile wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik, Freecharge etc.

Here Talking about the merchants apps in essence, all that the merchant would need for the Aadhaar Payment application to work is an Android smartphone and in biometric scanner. Now, when a consumer makes purchase, they would just require to share their Aadhaar card details , which would automatically list down their linked bank accounts, and choosing the one bank account will process the payment from that particular bank, which will further be authenticated using biometric scan.
Also, in case you are in wondering, in an events and where a customer has two accounts in the same bank, when you link your accounts with Aadhaar, you would be asked to choose a primary account out of the two, so that whenever any Aadhaar-based transaction is done it will credit or debit from that chosen account by default.

Many companies are giving payment service like mastercard or visacard etc. which has a stumbling block of the merchants switching into digital payments making it affordable and good to even merchants in remote villages, said people familiar with the development.

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