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Google Pixel Problems Fixes

Google pixel phone has some common pixel problems. Learn how to fix them!!

As google updates its phone because of some monthly issue patches, as by upgrading its  software updates, that’s why google pixel is one of the favorite android devices.

How actual problem looks like?

It is a interoperabil  phone because of  its complicated software and hardware manual, that ia why google is unable to check its every vulnerability. But now google is working on it to make it more controllable.

Not every pixel user is facing this problem. so, it is a isolated problem & google is working brilliantly on it.

Let us see all of the problems that may be come up in line

Issues of BAND 4 LTE:

In  certain countries, like Canada, Chile, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Ecuador and others in the region. It is seen that the while connecting to LTE networks pixel can’t able to connect.This smartphone, even  though compatible with Band 4 LTE, and also staying on HSPA+.

In early december, when Google issued the Android 7.1.1 update, people found their pixel phone is booting up upon connecting with LTE.

Fix: You have to update to android 7.1.2
Status: solved

Issues of audio distortion:

At max volume, the audio distortion from the speaker comes fact, it was one of the most prevalent problems with the Pixel, because it is largely reproduce and some people face it & some not.

The march security patch has fixed most of this problem for most of people’s problems with android 7.1.1 and the rest will be fixed with patch of android 7.1.2.

Best fix: Update to Android 7.1.2
Status: Solved

Issues of Boot Loops:

After the Pixel was released,  & with the security patches updates , people reported that phone goes to bootloop.
Which failing to atart up & rebooting again & again causing many bootloops, forcing a factory reset through the Recovery menu.

In this process, many google users of pixel XL and ordinary pixel users are suffering from the conflict of their data loss and  Google told people for 24/7 support but there is no permanent solution yet.

Fix:Factory reset

Issue of shut down phone to close at 40% battery:

“If you’ve got a battery with a high internal resistance and a power-hungry load like the camera demand such a huge amount  of current while the other smartphone devices like the processor would see their drop of voltage supply, and if it drops low enough, the phone will shut off. That’s what’s going on when a phone turns off with 40% battery left. There’s plenty of water in the tank, but all the build-up inside the valve restricts the flow so much that the pressure takes a nosedive.” according to reditt user balOO.

Google says that this issue will be solved with android update 7.1.2, as by adjusting the way the software deals with these drops in voltage.

Fix: Update to Android 7.1.2
Status: Solved

Automatically shutting of Bluetooth:

Bythe patch of February 2017,people reported that the Bluetooth radio would randomly shut down without prompting. Google fixed this with the update of 7.1.2

Fix: Update to Android 7.1.2
Status: Solved

So, You can do:
Google pixel phone is like other smartphones , may be it is not perfect but good at least. So the numerous issues noted above that the Pixel is not disproportionately problematic compared to other Android smartphones in the market.

1- Google may be able to walk you through a temporary or permanent fix.

2-The issue(s) you’re experiencing are likely software-based and an update could be the answer.

3-If nothing works, or you’re stuck in a permanent boot loop and a restore doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, seek a replacement from Google or your carrier.

Google Pixel Problems Fixes
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