3 Best Ways to Use a Fake IP Address:-

We all are very interested to know how to get a Fake IP Address. Here we showed best 2 ways which are very helpful. So here we go…

1- Using a Web Proxy:-

– Web proxy works the same way as a VPN. You just have to connect to proxy server then all your web traffic goes via. proxy server. In other words, your IP address i hidden by proxy server’s IP address.

Here is the procedure to set up a web proxy:-

First you have to find a free web proxy by just using a site such as PremProxy or you can choose Proxy List.

In Edge:-

Hide ip with proxy Edge

– Go to the main menu and select settings.
– Now scroll down and click view advanced options.
– In the Manual proxy setup. Just click and enable Use a proxy server.
– Noe type in the proxy’s address and port in the Address field.


In Firefox:-

Firefox proxy vpn


– Go to the main menu and select options.
– Now just navigate to Advanced tab.
– Navigate to the network section.
– You will find connection, there just select settings.
– Now select manual proxy configuration.
– Now just type in the proxy’s address and port in the HTTP Proxy field.

In Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi:-

Windows proxy VPN

– Go to the main menu and right-click settings.
– You still see network, there select change proxy settings.
– Go to the connection tab and select Lan settings.
– Then right-click use a proxy server for your LAN.
– Now just type in the proxy’s address and port in the HTTP Proxy field.

2- Using a VPN:-

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. So whenever you are connected to a VPN, you are masking your IP address with one of the IP addresses in that network.


In other words means all of your traffic gets routed through that network, which can have some consequences. We recommend to use a paid VPN service. As there might be some e there are several risks and downsides to free VPNs.

The best thing is to use a Logless VPN. As they do not keep logs and they can not give up your IP address even if requested.

We also recommend to use ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Both are good options. If both don’t fits you than you can look out for others also.

You just have to download an app offering VPN service the then open and use it.

3- Using a public Wifi:-

Free wifi, free public wifi
Image credit:- shutterstock

– When you are on public Wi-Fi, there will no way for someone in order to trace it back to your home. If you are using a popular hotspot (e.g. an airport) then your activity willobscured by the dozens of other users at any time.


While public wi-fi has its own security risks which are not negotiable. A hacker can steel your identity on public wi-fi. So be alert while using a public Wi-Fi. We can also say a public wi-fi is not a good option.

So guys these are the best three methods to use a fake IP address. Comment below how this Post helped you and let us know if you know any other best method.

Stay tuned with us guys for more tips and tricks about internet speed and virtual private networks. Have Fun!!!


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