Set up Xbox party chat on Android, Android Xbox Party chat,How to Set up Xbox party chat on Android
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How to Set up Xbox party chat on Android

Here we are back again with another great news that now how easily you can set up Xbox party chat on your android smartphone. Here you have to just install an app and follow on some steps to make your gameplay more fun and entertaining. Microsoft company is now pushing a new feature called party chat for its game lovers.

Currently, Microsoft introduced the party chat feature only for console and Windows 10 Xbox applications on computers. But now the time has changed and Microsoft also introduced it on the iOS and Android platform for its Xbox lovers. Currently, it is a beta test.

Now the wait is over and we have the party chat feature on iOS and Android platform. If you are a Xbox lover and have iOS platform than you have to go through a beta test program.

For Android users, this gonna be ease because android user just have to download and install an app called Xbox beta app to get the benefit. You can download Xbox beta app from play store or you can Click Here to download Xbox beta app for android platform.

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Set up Xbox party chat on Android, Android Xbox Party chat,How to Set up Xbox party chat on Android, Set up Xbox party chat on Android, Android Xbox Party chat,How to Set up Xbox party chat on Android

How to Set up Xbox party chat on Android:-

– Open the app and look at the top bar.

– ‎Here click on the three people icon.

– ‎Now click on start a party.

– ‎Here click on invite.

– ‎Now you can select your friends to be added in party chat.

– ‎That’s it.

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If your friends have downloaded and installed Xbox beta app than they gonna be received a notification about party chat. Otherwise, they will also receive a notification if they ate using on Console and Windows 10 app on their computer.

When the party chat is all set up, Xbox beta app will automatically get converted into a hands free call through your headphones, if you have connected them or through your phone’s speakers.

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Here are some features you get on party chat:-

Mute party:- It will mute all party audio.

‎Mute others:- If you are the admin than by tapping on a member you get the option of mute that person.

‎Make party invite-only:- Here you can invite new members by yourself.

‎Mute me:- Here you can mute yourself.

– ‎Show text chat:- Here by tap on the option you can view and type text as well.

– ‎Open profile:- You can view the profile of yours and others party members.

‎Remove from party:- You can kick out yourself or other members as well from party chat.

On our experience with party chat on our android smart phone, we can say the audio chat voice is clear. You can get a better experience if you use headphones. Overall performance is better.

Comment below guys if you really enjoyed the party chart, comment below your experience and feel free to ask if you have any further questions. Stay tuned with us to get more regular updates. Have Fun!!!



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