Here are the most secure android smartphones!

  • Google Pixel : Best Secure Smartphone
  • The first smartphone in the list is the Google Pixel.
    If you are going to buy a smartphone in the market than you must know about the vulnerabilities of the smartphones.
  • In today’s android smartphone market, Google Pixel is seen as the moat secures android smartphone ever.
  • The Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are made to keep users secure from the privacy and security exploisters, they are made for privacy security purposes even without disabling the privacy protectors.The unexpected materials are resist by the Google’s scanning software by which these remote installations are also monitored by the Google.

As we want privacy and security, first of all we need to know that the privacy and security are two different things. If your purpose is to be more private than you should keep your smartphone secure from the unwanted malicious things.



  • Ratiocination: whenever there is a gossip about which smartphone is more better for security and privacy, we always goes to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.
  • Why the Google Pixel is best than other smartphones?


Whenever users connect their device to the internet there are some vulnerabilities by which their device can be caught into exploitation of privacy and security.


Every android user always have some private data on their smartphones so they must be kept their devices updated in order to be more secure. Some users read the terms and conditions, and than they go for what they are wish to.

As we know that Google updates its Pixel smartphones with the newest version of android than any other devices. There is a team always that used to enhance the code used to build Android.


Whenever we update our android devices, the security model also got updated. That team works behind. At the starting of every month Google launch security model for those people who make Android smartphones to apply to their softwares.

Why we love the Pixel smartphones because of the fact that they are not only most secure android smartphone but also as we always want to use them. As Pixel comes in 5inches & Pixel XL comes in 5.5inches display.

  • Looking for a best typing smartphone! Go for BlackBerry Priv.
  • The smartphone which comes with the trend of security and management is the BlackBerry. BalckBerry while powering with android always use this trend. BlackBerry’s phones not work when a unwanted software is cracking its line of limitation, here is the reason why BlackBerry priv is the most secure smartphone. The best fact is that the BlackBerry is the first smartphone to get the monthly Android Security Bulletin update before the Google bulletin.
  • In order to verify from applications to hardware to Android OS BlackBerry verifies Boot and Secure Bootchain.
  • -Some specific patches and configuration changes are applied to improve security level by using hardened Linux.

-In order to prevent users’s privacy, here is the default FIPS 140-2 full disk encryption enabled by BlackBerry.

  • Ratiocination: Whenever we want a smartphone with a reputation in device security and privacy always the BlackBerry stood first. They even made more better with the BlackBerry Priv.


  • Here is a smartphone who is known for its simplicity! The BlackBerry DTEK60
  • According to the BlackBerry, the DTEK60 is the world’s most secure smartphone. The DTEk software tool of DTEK50 is used to used to monitor the applications, and also warns whenever something goes wrong. This feature is added in update for DTEK60, this is reason by BlackBerry says this is a most secure smartphone. The Vice President of design and devices of BlackBerry, Scott Wenger says DTEK stands for “Detection.”
  • -The BlackBerry uses a well secured technique that adds security patches from the start. This technique allows for tracking, verification and provisioning purposes of the DTEK60.
  • -The BlackBerry DTEK60 allows speedy, simple and secure integration with an enterprise environment. The BlackBerry Priv allows easy access to a lot of rich business and IT-managed apps.
  • -The BlackBerry DTEK60 gives users to be not to worried of water, because it supports water resistance, the DTEK69 is loaded with a nano coating that prevents the damages from splashes.



-The BlackBerry DTEK60 supports BlackBerry’s most secured suite of EMM applications and also some secured productive solutions. The BlackBerry uses WatchDox for secure file sharing.

  • Ratiocination: For IT managers DTEK60 well fits.


  • Conclusion:

Media gives Android Os running smartphones a bad review because of it is an open source, they say there are many vulnerabilities, but that fact is this is wrong . As we discussed, the android smartphones are the most secure smartphones. We talked about the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, BlackBerry Priv and the BlackBerry DTEK60. All of them best fit according to their attributes, but overall the Google Pixel makes the win because of its good android security protections.

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