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iPhone bug frustrates users typing ‘i’

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A lot of iPhone users square measure seeing this weird “A and an issue mark in a very box” anytime they kind the letter “i”. it is a bug within the iOS 11 update.

There is a fix, Apple details a way to build it happen and that we take you thru it does one will see wherever all the hit points square measure.

“WHY does my #iphone keep changing the letter “i” to I ?! HELP,” tweeted one user.

“For Phrase, type an upper-case ‘I,'” Apple explains. “For Shortcut, type a lower-case ‘i.'”

“I had to turn off my auto correct which is super annoying,” wrote another iPhone user on Apple’s discussion forum.

Go to the Settings>General>Keyboard>Text Replacement and click the sign within the higher right. Then to end it off: kind associate degree upper-case “I” within the Phrase box, and a lower-case “i” within the Shortcut one.


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